Glossary of terms

    "D Shape"  A "D" shape wedding band is straight on the top and bottom going around the ring and are curved on the outside and flat on the inside. It's shape creates that of a capital letter "D", where the style of band gets its name. 

    "Lightweight." If an item, more commonly a wedding band, is described as being lightweight it is in reference to the weight of the ring. 

    "Court Shape" The "court" shape is considered the most traditional style of wedding band. The rounded inside and outside means that it will sit comfortably as it beds into the finger.

    "Flat court shape" The flat court attains the look of a flat profile when on the finger but has a more curved inner edge for much easier and comfortable wear.

    "Flat Shape"  All of the surfaces on this profile are flat. The result is chunky with a heavy feel.