Meet the team.

Outwork Jewellery Services is a family orientated business made up of hardworking, dedicated individuals with whom share responsibility for the successful running of the business. 

Steven Carter; (Managing Director) Steve has been a firm and successful member of the jewellery trade since as early as being a school leaver. He has worked tirelessly over and has dedicated many years to honing his craft. Both himself and Darren have been friends since 1987 and went into business together in 1997 when Outwork Jewellery Services was born. He is able to partake in most aspects of the work and has many different specialities. He is a forward thinker who is passionate about growth and initiating exciting ways to constantly move the business forward.

Darren Faithful; (Managing Director) Darren, alongside Steve and former business partner Gerald were the brains behind bringing Outwork Jewellery Services to life. He is a well-respected member of the jewellery business, working day in and day out with many top jewellery shops from all around the country. He is an experienced, beneficial member of the team with a vast spectrum of knowledge that sets Outwork high above the rest.

Michael Lines; (Managing Director) With being in the trade since 1977, joining the team at a later date Michael brought many years of experience and valuable knowledge to the table. He specialises in the resizing of rings and is able to carry out much of our repair work. He is well admired by his peers for his hard work and dedication to his craft. 

Sarah Carter; (Jewellery Administration Manager) Joining the team fourteen years ago Sarah is an irreplaceable member of our family. Her devotion to ensuring the smooth running of our office has been a blessing to the business. She is incredibly committed to making sure everyone that comes into contact with Outwork leave happy and with a good impression of the services that we provide. She is and outstanding, enthusiastic team member with an invaluable skill set.

Clive Bennett; (Polisher) Clive started out within the trade in 1974. He joined the team five years ago but has been a good friend of the company for many years previous to that. He is an experienced polisher who works on all finishing aspects of the jewellery items. He is a wise, accomplished member of the team who is thought highly off within the whole of the trade .